Traditional sweet recipes from


Volume 1


This book gives tribute and homage to Malta’s beauty and Old World Charm. The Island has captivated many over the Centuries with its people, historical resilience, Indomnible Spirit and rustic warm elements that embrace it.

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Volume 2


This second volume continues to celebrate the culture, tradition and history of our favourite Traditional Maltese Sweets.

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Welcome to Traditional Sweet Recipes from Malta

Food in every country forms part of its culture, constituting traditions and recipes that date back for hundreds of years. We are all familiar with the Italians and the French for their beautiful food and culinary contributions to the world. But what about Malta? Particularly now that it is becoming a more prominent player on the world stage, where it is now finally beginning to gain recognition as a jewel in the Mediterranean.

A predominant trait that most Maltese share is their absolute heart felt passion, love and patriotism for Malta, which also applies to the foods of our Nation.

The loving and nurturing memories that are associated with these recipes that have been passed down from many generations before us. And for those of us who live abroad far away from Malta, this food nurtures our souls by integrating a part of Malta into our everyday lives, as we continue to pass on these tradition’s. This celebratory pride of who we are as a nation and as individuals resonates our genuine passion.

A new chapter in Traditional Maltese Sweets

In the forthcoming times ahead I will create some newsletters that discuss seasonal Traditional Maltese Sweets, highlighting the calendar events and celebrations that these sweets are specifically created for.

These newsletters will cover a broad range of various culinary aspects , whilst also looking into the historical relevance behind them to gain a fuller understanding, perspective and a deeper appreciation of how they came to be.

I invite you to join me in these discussions of recipes and traditions in the months and years ahead, here at Traditional Maltese Sweets.

I look forward to you joining me again soon.

Kindest Regards,

Sharon Catherine


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Having known Sharon for many years I have always known her to have a passionate nature and hold a genuine love and deep affection for her Place of birth, Malta. Equally apparent from the start was her appreciation of all aspects of Maltese Culture and its Cuisine. Through her years of researching Maltese recipes, particularly in the area of sweets, a natural desire emerged to compile her own book. Her motivation was also driven by her desire to share her knowledge of authentic recipes that reflect the true iconic tastes and flavors of Malta. However, her love and passion began decades before, living in a home environment which was proud of its heritage and origin. Developing her passion to a vocation and career Sharon was formally trained as a qualified chef in Malta, later gaining extensive professional experience.