Volume 1

I thought I will take a few more moments to share some of the joy that your books have brought:

When I received the books as my gift a few nights ago, they came with a very special bowl from a dear friend. I loved all my gifts but your books really ignited my heart as a gift I instantly knew I would treasure. I love to cook and I love my family heritage.

After opening your books I couldn’t wait to call in to see my parents to show them my precious gift- your books! They were both really impressed with the range of recipes that you had compiled and we reminisced over many favorites. Mum absolutely fell in love with them. She loved them so much that it was clear she wanted her own copy.

Given that it’s her birthday next week I searched the internet and was grateful to find that I could order your books online.

I must say that I love the little notes scattered through your books that give some history to the recipes.

I look forward to sharing the books and the recipes with my family.

— Christina Coleiro

Sharon Spiteri’s first publication brings Malta to your kitchen, wherever you happen to live! The recipes are easy to follow and certainly cover some of the most popular sweets and beverages on the islands. On top of that, the colour images of Maltese streetscapes and architecture make this a whole cultural experience! Traditional Sweet Recipes from Malta by Sharon Spiteri is definitely a labour of love; one can tell the author has spent a lot of time refining recipes to bring this wonderful compilation of recipes together. I’m looking forward to volume 2!!

— Marlene Scicluna (Director, Producer Maltese DownUnder TV/former Senior Producer SBS Radio)

Without question, “Traditional Sweet Recipes from Malta” is a must for home cooks who share Sharon’s Maltese background and upbringing. Tastefully designed and magnificently illustrated with colour photos, the pattern Sharon created throughout is delightful and easy to follow. On the other hand, the recipes are guaranteed to satisfy your taste-buds and to leave you happy no matter where you come from.

— Clemente Zammit (Consul General of Malta for Victoria from 1989 to 2006)

My husband and I were so impressed with the book, that we decided to buy several more, as they will make excellent gifts for family and friends. “Traditional Sweet Recipes from Malta” is a wonderful introduction to Maltese sweets and the recipes are easy to follow. This hardcover book has beautiful photography throughout, not only of the recipes, but also of Malta’s architecture and streetscapes. It will bring back fond memories to those who have had the fortune to visit, and will entice those who have not yet been.

— Rosemary Rowlings

Hi all, if anyone is looking for a traditional Maltese sweets cookbook I highly recommend this one. All of the recipes are very easy to follow and I have personally met the author (Sharon Catherine Spiteri) and she is a very talented and passionate chef who loves her Maltese heritage.

— Cynthia Scollo

Hi Sharon,

Just letting you know that I received your beautiful books.

I was not only happy with the recipes that you covered but also the amazing pictures of the landscapes as well as the architecture of Malta.

I bought one for myself and one for my niece who I know would simply  adore it. It is also a book to be admired on one’s coffee table.

Hi Sharon,

Thank you for sending the books (Volumes 1 & 2) so promptly and congratulations for achieving the publishing of two beautiful unique cooking books. They make lovely presents for my two children and three grandchildren. The latter are already familiar with all the goodies in your books. Kwarezimal and Torta tal-Lewz are two of their favourites. Baking, I must admit is one of my passions and although I am seventy six years old I still cannot stop doing what I like best.

Very best wishes.

— Rita Schembri

Volume 2

Dear Sharon,

Thank you for your prompt reply!

Your cookbooks, Volume 1 & Volume 2 Traditional Sweet Recipes from Malta are truly a culinary delight… Every picture tells a story!

It is often said that we eat with our eyes first “L-ewwel ma tiekol l-ghajn” (Maltese Proverb).

This certainly holds true when the food presentation becomes a feast to the eyes.

Your vision and masterful way how you complimented the colours, hues and textures from the pictures and images of various locations in Malta and Gozo with that of the sweets is truly a delightful aspect of the whole presentation.

Can’t wait to receive the books and start cooking…

I’m sure I will shed a few tears as I go down memory lane trying to create these beautiful mouth-watering recipes of yesteryear .. tapping into my Maltese heritage once again… still alive in my heart never to be forgotten.

Congratulations to you for compiling such an exquisite tribute to our Maltese heritage of traditional sweets recipes.

Proset! A truly stunning collection of culinary delights! Par excellence!!

— Pauline O’Brien

Hi Sharon, I received my traditional sweet recipe from Malta books Volumes 1 & 2 and I have to say these are the most beautiful books. Not only the sweet recipes but the pictures of Malta are worth buying these books for! Just fabulous.

I am an Australian born Maltese and am very proud of my heritage. I love Malta.

I look forward to cooking these beautiful sweets and buying more books for gifts to my sisters and friends.

Thank you so much for these beautiful publications.

— Margaret Bartolic

After buying both Volume 1 and Volume 2 they are really very beautiful, they are more beautiful than I expected! I like the simplicity you presented the recipes, they are very clear to understand and I like the images.

Congratulations! You did great work!

— Isabella Russo, Tuscany Italy

Thank you for sending the books. I picked them up this morning.

The books are fantastic! 🙂

The photography captures the heart of Malta and the cats in the photographs brought back memories of walking through the gardens in Valletta and seeing the cat boxes.

I feel like I want to go back there right now!

I really liked the concept of the map of Malta, showing where the places are. That’s really clever and a good way of promoting and connecting people to their home towns or to places they know. My mother was born in Bormla.

You’ve done a great job! Congratulations Sharon!

— Rosemary Rowlings


Received your book yesterday. What a delightful and beautiful book. It is beautifully presented and the photos are stunning.

My wife and I took great joy in looking through the pages last night – and that is even before cooking and tasting the delightful deserts.

Most of the deserts were familiar however the beauty of your book is that we now know how to prepare them in an authentic way. I suspect our ability to produce Maltese deserts will be greatly enhanced.

You are to be congratulated on producing another great book.

Look forward to future volumes.

— Peter Zahra (His Honour Judge Peter Zahra SC, District Court of New South Wales)