Traditional Sweet Recipes from Malta Volume 2


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This book gives tribute and homage to Malta’s beauty and Old World Charm. The Island has captivated many over the Centuries with its people, historical resilience, Indomnible Spirit and rustic warm elements that embrace it.

This second publication continues to reflect and celebrate Malta’s rich heritage, culture and beauty whilst showcasing its delightful and much-loved sweets. I have always felt that one of life’s greatest joys is making and creating things for yourself. Determining the quality produced, knowing exactly what you have put in and achieving results that exceed shop bought items. Specifically, in relation to food, beyond the personal satisfaction of producing quality and freshness, a genuine excitement is also generated from creating all-time favourites for family and friends. This connection to food, creating items that link us to many generations before and being part of a meaningful context is at the heart of our being. It is an instinctive part of the Maltese Culture, which is innately filled with love and pride.

During the release of my first publication, I worked with multiple libraries in creating cooking classes and demonstrations where I had the pleasure of meeting many people directly. Whilst connecting with like-minded people who loved Malta and had a passion for food, I received many requests for more recipes, some of which were quite specific as to the recipes they wanted to see. Beyond these requests, I felt a strong personal motivation to continue to follow this path and develop my second volume of sweets.

All the sweets within this book have been created, prepared and photographed myself within my home kitchen to the recipe provided. All recipes listed utilises my personal photographs of each sweet and not stock images that were borrowed or downloaded from other sites.

I dedicate this book to my loving husband Daniele who has been a wonderful support and has been by my side during this journey.

I wish you all many happy hours of re-creating these wonderful & timeless sweets.

Happy Baking.

Sharon Catherine

Beautifully presented recipes

Recipe page spreads are presented in an easy and digestible format, accompanied by tips and commentary to complement the recipes. Featured alongside most recipe pages is a unique Maltese setting, captured by Sharon herself, to depict and transport the reader to many enchanting and symbolic Maltese locations.

Photography that captures the essence of each traditional Maltese sweet

All Maltese sweets have been handmade and photographed by expert chef and author Sharon Spiteri. The sweets have been presented in a traditional setting, capturing the authentic nature of these cherished recipes.

Having known Sharon for many years I have always known her to have a passionate nature and hold a genuine love and deep affection for her Place of birth, Malta. Equally apparent from the start was her appreciation of all aspects of Maltese Culture and its Cuisine. Through her years of researching Maltese recipes, particularly in the area of sweets, a natural desire emerged to compile her own book. Her motivation was also driven by her desire to share her knowledge of authentic recipes that reflect the true iconic tastes and flavors of Malta. However, her love and passion began decades before, living in a home environment which was proud of its heritage and origin. Developing her passion to a vocation and career Sharon was formally trained as a qualified chef in Malta, later gaining extensive professional experience.

— Daniele Lima

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